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Updated DRGR Action Plan Module Crosswalk for Uploads Now Available

April 28, 2021 Print ShareThis

A revised Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR) “Action Plan Module Crosswalk” is posted on the DRGR Data Upload Templates page of the HUD Exchange describing modified data entries.

This DRGR Action Plan “Crosswalk” assists grantees with determining which column headings in the Action Plan Module data upload templates require specific data entries (i.e., Benefit Type = "Direct Benefit - Persons" or "Area Benefit - Census"). The “Benefit Type” and “Housing Unit” data entry formats have been modified on the ‘Activity Add’ and ‘Activity Edit’ tabs of the Action Plan Module upload templates as follows:

Benefit Type

Obsolete Entry Modified Data Entry
AREA - CENSUS Area Benefit - Census
AREA - SURVEY Area Benefit - Survey
DIRECT (PERSONS) Direct Benefit - Persons
DIRECT (HH ONLY) Direct Benefit - HH
DIRECT (HH RENTER ONLY) Direct Benefit - HH - Renter
DIRECT (HH OWNER ONLY) Direct Benefit - HH- Owner
DIRECT (HH RENTER/OWNER) Direct Benefit - HH- Renter/Owner

Housing Unit

Obsolete Entry Modified Data Entry
HU ONLY Housing Units
HU - SF ONLY Housing Units - Single Family
HU - MF ONLY Housing Units - Multi Family
HU - SF/MF Housing Units - Single/Multi Family

All questions regarding upload “Crosswalks,” should be sent to HUD’s Ask A Question (AAQ) portal. Under “My question is related to,” select “DRGR: Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting System.”

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