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Revised IDIS Matrix Codes Now Available

February 15, 2019 Print ShareThis

In May 2018, HUD made some changes in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) to meet the requirements of Housing Counseling rule at 24 CFR 5.100. IDIS matrix codes were revised. Five new matrix codes were added for the Housing Counseling activities and a few matrix codes were replaced. Office of Block Grant Assistance (OBGA) has updated the matrix code definitions to reflect the matrix codes revisions. The updated definitions include guidance on when and how to use each matrix code for the different types of eligible activities. The following items highlight the major changes made to the matrix codes:

  • Added five new matrix codes (05U, 05Y, 13A, 14K, and 14L) for the Housing Counseling, under 24 CFR 5.100 for different types of housing activities
  • Added one matrix code (05X) for housing information and referral services
  • Added a new matrix code 13B to replace matrix code 13 for “Homeownership Assistance” activities
  • Replaced matrix code 03 with 03Z
  • Replaced matrix code 05 with 05Z
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