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Resources of Interest for Housing & Healthcare (H2) Communities: Overview of the Resources Featured on the ACA Landing Page

January 25, 2016 Print ShareThis

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) landing page on the HUD Exchange highlights the activities being carried out under HUD’s Housing and Healthcare (H2) TA initiative. In order to better meet the needs of people who are homeless and those who are low income and living with HIV/AIDS, HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) and the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH), in collaboration with the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are sponsoring technical assistance (TA) to support states, territories and communities in undertaking the systems change needed to enhance integration and collaboration between the housing and healthcare systems. The goal of the Housing and Healthcare (H2) TA initiative is to maximize care coverage for the target populations and increase their access to comprehensive healthcare and supportive services that can be coordinated with housing.

The ACA page includes a short video introducing the HUD/HHS/USICH partnership, links to “Affordable Care Act News & Announcements” and archived webinars conducted as part of the H2 TA initiative. The ACA landing page also features an overview of the action planning sessions being carried out under the H2 initiative, with links to information on each of the participating communities’ action plans. Posted H2 Action Plans include: Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. These documents are updated regularly as locales make progress on their plans’ action steps and objectives.

The ACA landing page also features customized State and Territory Profiles, which provide a quick guide to key healthcare resources for grantees and sub-recipients of the Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA), Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), and Continuum of Care (CoC) programs. Profiles include the following up-to-date information for each state and territory:

  • Name of Medicaid Program and whether the state has expanded coverage under the ACA
  • Types of Medicaid Waivers and Demonstration programs in place
  • Name of the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace
  • Type of Affordable Insurance Exchange
  • Consumer Enrollment Options and how to access Consumer Enrollment Assistance
  • Listings of Federally Qualified Health Centers, Ryan White Assistance and Health Care for the Homeless programs
  • A link to the state/territory’s ‘benchmark’ health insurance plan

This information is provided through HUD's Healthcare and Housing (H2) Technical Assistance initiative. Sign up for ‘ACA’ in the HUD Exchange Mailing List to receive future H2 TA announcements and to track progress in your state or territory.