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New Resources for DCTA Recipients and Smaller Distressed Communities

September 11, 2020 Print ShareThis

HUD has developed a library of resources relevant to Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) recipients and smaller distressed communities impacted by a natural disaster. Explore this collection of resources, which features COVID-19 pandemic response resources as well as general resources. Check back regularly for new resources and information!

The following resources are the newest webinars, reports, and other information available on the DCTA Program Resources page.

Resources and Guidance

COVID-19 Resources and Guidance


Webinars and Events

Upcoming Webinars

Previously Recorded Webinars


Studies, Reports, and Tools

COVID-19 Studies, Reports, and Tools

General Studies, Reports, and Tools


Upcoming Funding Deadlines

To explore the full collection of DCTA resources, please visit the DCTA Program Resources page on the HUD Exchange.