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Materials Posted: RENEW300: Advancing Renewable Energy at HUD-Assisted Housing Workshop

June 23, 2016 Print ShareThis

Update: Materials are now posted at the links below.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is holding a series of three regional workshops to discuss affordable housing and solar. These workshops will help providers and owners understand the tools and resources available via HUD’s RENEW300 initiative.

These workshops are held in conjunction with the Department of Energy National Community Solar Partnership Workshops, and participants are encouraged to attend both workshops, if interested.

HUD and guest speakers will be discussing their experiences and best practices. The following topics will be covered in this series:

  • Solar options for HUD assisted properties
  • A Step by Step getting started guide
  • Guides, tools and other resources, including technical assistance

Who Should Attend

  • Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and Multifamily project owners/managers
  • Better Buildings Challenge and RENEW300 current or potential Partners
  • Developers
  • Renewable energy advocates and providers

Schedule of Deliveries

Webinar Title



Atlanta, GA

May 23, 2016

Workshop Materials

Boston, MA

June 10, 2016

Workshop Materials

Minneapolis, MN

June 23, 2016

Workshop Materials

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