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RAD: New Materials on the Conversion of Moderate Rehabilitation Contracts

March 28, 2018 Print ShareThis

Several new Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) resources for Moderate Rehabilitation (Mod Rehab) owners are posted to the HUD Exchange.

Recording and Q&As: Conversion of Moderate Rehabilitation Contracts Webinar - January 30, 2018

The webinar recording, questions and answers from participants, and other materials are available for this webinar on RAD conversion of Mod Rehab properties.

RAD Mod Rehab Fact Sheets

Three new RAD Mod Rehab fact sheets, which provide an overview of the benefits of RAD Mod Rehab conversion for different audiences, as well as the application process, are now available.

Mod Rehab Talk

Sign up for Mod Rehab Talk, a 30-minute session to speak with HUD staff one-on-one to discuss your properties, questions about RAD conversion, preservation strategies, and the RAD application process. After this initial call, owners who need further consultation and guidance may be referred to technical assistance (TA) providers for on-call direct TA.


In addition to these scheduled sessions, you are always welcome to contact HUD Recap staff by emailing at your convenience to discuss your property and RAD conversion questions. We are available and happy to help!

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