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Point-in-Time Survey Tools Available

December 16, 2013 Print ShareThis

HUD is providing Continuum of Cares (CoCs) with a set of model surveys to assist them in conducting more effective Point-in-Time (PIT) Counts. These tools can be accessed on the Point-in-Time Survey Tools resource page. While the use of these tools is optional, they reflect the review of best local practices, and were developed with input from leading survey and homeless methodology experts. HUD strongly encourages CoCs to carefully review them and consider the way questions are worded, the order the questions are listed, and the length of the survey if they choose to modify the model surveys or design their own.     

HUD is also providing a mobile PIT application (app) that CoCs can use in counting unsheltered homeless persons. The mobile app is only configured with the observation-based and interview-based PIT surveys. However, HUD anticipates releasing the sheltered- and service-based surveys prior to the 2015 PIT Count. The app will be available for download through Google Play or the Apple App Store in the coming weeks. CoCs can preview the mobile app by clicking the link below from a current web browser. Internet Explorer users must be running either version 10 or 11 in order to properly view this demonstration site.
If you have questions about using these PIT tools, please submit them at the Ask a Question page on HUD’s OneCPD Resource Exchange. On Step 2, select HDX: Homelessness Data Exchange (Including PIT, HIC, and AHAR) from the My question is related to drop down.

The OneCPD Homelessness Assistance Programs page provides information on assisting people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It contains program guidance and homelessness resources for federal agencies, government agencies, CoCs, homeless service providers, TA providers, persons experiencing homelessness, and other stakeholders.