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PIT Count Methodology Guide and Additional PIT Resources

September 11, 2014 Print ShareThis

To kick off the 2015 Point-in-Time (PIT) count HUD has published several resources.

PIT Count Methodology Guide 

HUD has published the PIT Count Methodology Guide to assist communities in conducting their PIT counts. This guide provides Continuums of Care (CoCs) with new minimum PIT count standards and guidance concerning acceptable methodologies and effective PIT count implementation. The guide will be useful in determining a process for collecting high-quality data on the number and characteristics of sheltered and unsheltered homeless people in your community. HUD recommends that CoCs regularly review and refer to this guide to answer questions about PIT count preparation, implementation, and analysis. This guide replaces the Guide to Counting Sheltered Homeless People and the Guide to Counting Unsheltered Homeless People.

Updated PIT Count Model Surveys and Instructions

HUD has posted updated model PIT count surveys on the PIT Survey Tools page. The survey updates reflect feedback from the U.S. Census Bureau and improve the way data is collected. HUD has also published instructions for enumerators on how to best implement the model surveys. While these model surveys remain optional HUD recommends that CoCs carefully review their contents and consider implementing the questions.

2015 PIT Count Poster

HUD has mailed a few complimentary copies of the 2015 PIT Count Poster to each CoC and made the pdf file available for communities to use.

Updated Notice for the 2015 PIT and Housing Inventory Count (HIC)

HUD is finalizing the Notice regarding the PIT and HIC requirements for 2015 and future counts. HUD anticipates making a few changes to the data collection requirements and will publish this information as soon as possible.

Additional PIT Count Resources

To accompany the PIT Count Methodology Guide, HUD will be publishing several tools to assist communities, including PIT count planning tools, sample forms, and an extrapolation tool that may be used for certain demographic data. HUD will publish these on the HUD Exchange website and notify CoCs via the HUD Exchange mailing list as they become available.

Questions about the HIC or PIT counts?

If you have additional questions about HIC or PIT count requirements or related materials and training, please submit them through the HUD Exchange Ask a Question portal. On Step 2, select the HDX Reporting System in the “My question is related to” dropdown.

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