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Pay for Success Permanent Supportive Housing Demonstration Application – Deadline Reminder

February 12, 2016 Print ShareThis

All Pay for Success Permanent Supportive Housing Demonstration (PFS Demonstration) applications with required attachments are due today, February 12, 2016 by 11:59:59 PM EST. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your application via HUD strongly recommends that applicants submit their applications as soon as possible before the deadline. Please go to to access the PFS Demonstration NOFA for information about application submission and timely receipt requirements.

Listserv Communications

All information related to the PFS Demonstration is communicated via the HUD Exchange Mailing List. Join the mailing list to receive important updates and reminders. HUD will communicate via listserv messages:

  • Due date reminders – it is the sole responsibility of applicants to submit the PFS Demonstration application and all required attachments by the due date and time.
  • Important updates or additional information – the additional information will not change the selection criteria or selection process included in the PFS Demonstration NOFA, but may include items such as updates on and reminders of impending deadlines.

If you are aware or suspect that an applicant or interested stakeholder is not currently receiving these listserv messages, please forward the following link,, to them to register for the listserv messages as this is the only form of communication used by HUD to the public.


If you have questions pertaining to technical issues, please contact the website support team via the following methods:

If you had policy-related questions related to the PFS Demonstration NOFA, questions should have been submitted to Marlisa Grogan via email at no later than yesterday, February 11, 2016. HUD cannot guarantee a response to questions submitted today, February 12, 2016, the PFS Demonstration application deadline.