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Paperless Notification of FHA Connection User ID Implementation

October 31, 2018 Print ShareThis

Beginning November 9, 2018, the FHA Connection (FHAC) will change the notification process for User IDs issued for HUD Certified Housing Counselors, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Counselors, and Agency Application Coordinators. FHAC will no longer provide “hardcopy” US mail notification of User IDs.

For Application Coordinators, after a User ID is issued, FHAC will send the notification electronically to the organization’s Housing Counseling System (HCS) Agency Manager email address using a secure encrypted email. When a Counselor ID is issued, FHAC will send a secure encrypted email notification to the counselor using the email address on the Certified Database or HECM Roster. Agencies should review contact information in the HCS to assure accuracy of all contacts and email addresses.

For technical assistance with HUD’s FHAC or HCS, please email or contact your agency’s HUD Point of Contact (POC).

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