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Updated Guidance: Office of Environment and Energy Guidance in Response to COVID-19

April 06, 2020 Print ShareThis

Due to the National Emergency concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak and restrictions on personal interactions, the Office of Environment and Energy (OEE) has issued new guidance on completing environmental reviews during this time.

Guidance documents include:

  • HUD Expedited Section 106 Review of Undertakings Responding to COVID-19 Emergency Declarations
  • Consultation, Review, and Comment on the Environmental Review Record in Response to COVID-19
  • Guidance for Request for Release of Funds (RROF) and Authority to Use Grant Funds (AUGF) Signature and Certification Process During the COVID-19 National Emergency

All current and forthcoming COVID-19 guidance documents issued by OEE can be found on the OEE Guidance in Response to COVID-19 page on the HUD Exchange.

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