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Notice on Limitation on Serving Category 3 of the Homeless Definition Revised

July 12, 2012 Print ShareThis

In January 2012, HUD published the Notice on Limitation on Use of Funds to Serve Persons Defined as Homeless Under Other Federal Laws.  This Notice provides guidance to Continuums of Care (CoCs) and recipients of FY 2011 competitive grant funds related to using these funds to serve persons defined as homeless under Category 3 of the homeless definition. 

It should be noted that the Notice has been revised to clarify that CoCs may only request to use funds in Supportive Housing Program (SHP) Transitional Housing (TH) and Supportive Services Only (SSO) projects to serve this population.  The only persons eligible for permanent supportive housing, including Shelter Plus Care (S+C) and SHP-PH projects, are persons coming from the streets, emergency shelters, safe havens, or transitional housing projects if they originally came from streets or shelters.  Therefore, this Notice is not applicable to these project types as they are not permitted to serve the population described herein.

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