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New Solar Site Selection Guide and Tool Added to Renew300 Renewable Energy Resources

October 13, 2017 Print ShareThis

Solar Site Selection Guide

The Solar Site Selection Guide is intended as a tool to assist affordable housing organizations in:

  1. Identifying buildings in their portfolios that are best suited for installation of PV generating systems;
  2. Understanding, at a rough, order-of-magnitude level what to expect in terms of generation and financial performance from PV systems operating on such sites; and
  3. Saving time by quickly identifying buildings that are clearly unsuitable for solar development.

The Guide describes 12 key technical and economic screening factors that should be analyzed for any potential solar site. It includes a Site Selection Scorecard that allows housing providers to rate their buildings on the key screening factors. The PDF Guide is accompanied by an automated Excel tool that allows users to compare up to 10 potential solar sites using the screening factors.

Renewable Energy Resources

The Renewable Energy Resources includes technical resources, policy guidance, case studies, and other resources to provide organizations assistance with increasing organizational capacity and installing renewable energy on federally assisted housing.

The resources are organized by the following categories and listed in order to follow the renewable development process:

  1. Overview
  2. Site Assessment
  3. Financing
  4. Overall Economics
  5. HUD Policies
  6. Procurement
  7. Renewables + Storage
  8. Case Studies
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