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New Public Housing Resources and Training Available

September 02, 2022 Print ShareThis

New resources and training are available on the HUD Exchange to support public housing agencies (PHAs) and their partners in developing and administering their public housing and voucher programs:

  • HCV Homeownership page: The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeownership program provides vouchers to families admitted to the HCV program so that they can purchase a home and receive monthly assistance in meeting homeownership expenses. The resources on this page help PHAs to support them in developing a HCV Homeownership program.
  • NSPIRE Online Inspector Training: This training curriculum covers the NSPIRE inspections model intended primarily for inspectors in the HCV program.
  • PHA Board of Commissioners Training: This training series is designed to help board members fully understand their roles and responsibilities, both to the PHA and the residents of housing managed by the PHA.
  • SEMAP Training for PHA Staff: This training provides an overview of Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) and key information to help PHAs effectively manage their HCV program for SEMAP success.
  • RRI Training for PHA Staff: This training helps PHA staff learn more about the Rate Reduction Incentive (RRI).
  • PHA Implementation of a Successful Preventative Maintenance Plan: This training provided PHAs with an overview of preventative maintenence planning and its importance.
  • FYI Initiative Webinar Series: This five-part webinar series provides guidance on starting and administering a Foster Youth to Independence (FYI) voucher program.

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