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New Multifamily FSS Resources – Launch Your Program

January 07, 2021 Print ShareThis

HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs is pleased to release a set of new resources to support multifamily property owners/agents and staff to design, launch, and manage a Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program.

FSS is a HUD program that provides incentives and support to help families living in multifamily assisted housing increase their earned income and reduce their dependence on public assistance programs.

Newly available resources include:

  • Resources from the 2020 Technical Assistance Training Curriculum: Discover a comprehensive curriculum to launch your multifamily FSS program. This curriculum includes a series of six webinars, a program launch roadmap, and a self-assessment tool that will help you design, launch, and manage your program.
  • Escrow Administration: Explore a suite of tools and guidance that will support you to plan, manage, and account for escrow savings generated by participants in the FSS program.
  • Program Design and Administration: Delve into newly posted resources that will help you operate your FSS program, including an overview of the financial coaching and the employment-focused program models, and a series of foundational coaching strategies.

For information and resources about Multifamily FSS, visit the Multifamily Housing FSS page on the HUD Exchange.

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