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New IDIS Training Module for HTF Grantees

March 14, 2022 Print ShareThis

Using IDIS for HTF Grantees house graphic

The new Reporting module in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) training series for Housing Trust Fund (HTF) grantees is now available!

This new training module walks HTF grantees through a variety of reports in IDIS.

Training Highlights

Available 24/7 on the HUD Exchange, these self-paced video-based modules guide HTF grantees through various IDIS functions including:

  • Setting up and funding activities
  • Disbursing funds
  • Completing activities
  • Reporting in IDIS

Get Started Today

Five modules are currently available:

Module 1: Introduction and Overview

HTF grantees can use IDIS to plan for how they would spend their HUD allocations, collect and report beneficiary data, and drawdown funds. This video helps users get started in IDIS and includes an introduction to the system; a brief demonstration of the basic functions in IDIS; and instructions on how to gain access, log in, and navigate within the system.

Module 2: Administration

HTF grantees can expend up to 10 percent of their annual allocation, and 10 percent of the program income they deposit in their HTF local account on administration costs related to their HTF program. This video demonstrates how to set up, fund, drawdown, and complete an HTF administration activity.

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Module 3: Subfunds and Subgrants

In this module, HTF grantees will learn about the different HTF fund types and subgranting. This video reviews subfunds and subgrants including when and how to subfund and subgrant HTF funds.

Module 4: Set Up, Fund, Draw, and Complete Activities

This module walks HTF grantees through the process of setting up, funding, drawing funds, and completing an HTF activity. HTF grantees must know these basic steps to ensure their activities are recorded correctly in IDIS.

Module 5: Reporting

HTF grantees must complete a variety of reports in IDIS. This video walks HTF grantees through these reports and the various ways they can be useful.

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