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New IDIS Guide for HOPWA Grantees

June 14, 2012 Print ShareThis

The Integrated Disbursement Information System (IDIS) is an online system used by the Office of Community Planning and Development’s (CPD) formula block programs (HOME, CBDG, HOPWA, and ESG) to perform financial transactions and submit accomplishment reporting to HUD. The system will also be used by formula grantees to perform their Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan administrative functions. IDIS Online can be accessed by HOPWA grantees by visiting

Using IDIS Online for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program is designed to serve as the foundation for technical assistance webinars and group learning efforts for HOPWA formula and competitive grantees. Using IDIS for HOPWA is a comprehensive and holistic desk guide to financial transactions and accomplishment reporting for grantees. This guide is comprised of different sections that mirror the chronological grants management lifecycle. Moreover, there are special sections in the guidance for competitive grantees that will be using the system for the first time. Formula grantee guidance focuses on the re-tooled pathways for accomplishment reporting. Questions regarding this technical assistance resource should be submitted to

To read more and to access this guide, click here.