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New HPRP Success Stories Posted

November 19, 2012 Print ShareThis

These "promising practices" stories include both promising practices detailing community collaborations and individual success stories showing how HPRP helped individuals and families get back on their feet.

We highly recommend that you look these over, as some strategies that other communities implemented could be useful to your own community, especially as you are working to implement ESG.

Recent community stories include:

  • San Antonio, TX leaders found that financial literacy education combined with housing assistance improved program participants’ self-sufficiency.
  • Creating a central contact point allowed St. Paul, MN to plan for the future and emphasize rapid re-housing.
  • Case management with Housing First makes the difference for rapid re-housing in Bakersfield, CA.
  • Through HPRP and community collaboration, the City of Tempe, AZ made a significant impact by rapidly re-housing hard-to-reach chronically homeless persons.

If you wish to share a success story from your community, review the HPRP Promising Practices and Success Stories Template on the HRE. 

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