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National Preparedness Month – Week 2: Build a Kit

September 14, 2022 Print ShareThis

National Preparedness Month Banner

As mentioned in last week’s National Preparedness Month message, throughout the month of September, weekly messages will be sent out on the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time.

The Week 1 message was Make a Plan. The Week 2 message is Build a Kit.

Week 2: Build a Kit

After an emergency, you may need to survive on your own for several days. Being prepared means having your own food, water, and other supplies to last throughout that time period. An emergency disaster supply kit is a collection of basic items that your household may need in the event of an emergency.

Make sure your emergency kit is stocked with the items on the FEMA Emergency Supply List, which you can download or print to take with you to the store. Once you take a look at the basic items, consider what unique needs your family might have, such as supplies for pets or seniors.

Since you don’t know where you’ll be when an emergency occurs, prepare supplies for home, work, and cars. You can also download the FEMA app (available in English and Spanish) to receive weather alerts, safety tips, reminders, and be ready for the unexpected.

Additional information on how to Build a Kit can be found at

Be sure to check for the Week 3 message next week!

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