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Materials Posted: Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Webinar Series

May 11, 2017 Print ShareThis

Update: Materials are now posted at the links below.

This webinar series guides participants through the HUD multifamily utility benchmarking guidance, including the new HUD Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Website and Toolkit. The goal of this series is for attendees to become familiar with the specific guidance and tools HUD has developed to help facilitate, encourage, and streamline the benchmarking of energy and water performance at multifamily properties.

This series includes the following webinars:

  1. Introduction to Multifamily Utility Benchmarking and HUD's New Toolkit
    This webinar will provide an overview of utility benchmarking for multifamily properties and introduce participants to HUD's new online Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Toolkit. View the webinar materials.
  2. Creating a Plan and Managing Data for Multifamily Utility Benchmarking
    This webinar will describe the benefits of creating a plan for utility benchmarking, emphasize key aspects that should be a part of any plan, and show participants how to use HUD's new Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Plan template to organize, maintain, and export the key information necessary to benchmark multifamily properties. View the webinar materials.
  3. Collecting the Data for Utility Benchmarking of Multifamily Properties
    This webinar will describe four methods for collecting the utility data necessary to perform utility benchmarking for multifamily properties, provide guidance on sampling tenant-paid utility data when appropriate, and demonstrate HUD's new Tenant-Paid Utility Data Sampling Calculator. View the webinar materials.
  4. Using Software and Entering Data for Multifamily Utility Benchmarking
    This webinar will introduce three approaches for entering the data necessary to benchmark in EPA's Portfolio Manager® tool, highlight specific EPA training materials that are most relevant to multifamily housing providers, and address HUD guidance on specific utility benchmarking data issues such as vacancies, bulk deliveries, and tagging properties. View the webinar materials.
  5. Sharing Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Results and Building on Success
    This webinar will show participants how to share and report utility benchmarking results using EPA’s Portfolio Manager® tool (both within and outside their organization - including the format required for reporting to HUD) and how to interpret benchmarking data and results to inform next steps in energy and water management. View the webinar materials.
  6. Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Requirements and Funding Opportunities
    This webinar will summarize HUD's existing and proposed requirements related to utility benchmarking, describe HUD programs and initiatives that can help housing providers fund utility benchmarking efforts, and discuss opportunities for undertaking subsequent green retrofits to multifamily properties. CANCELED.

Who Should Attend?

The Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Webinar Series is intended for any multifamily housing provider seeking guidance on benchmarking the energy and water performance of their properties over time.

Training Series Point of Contact

Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Webinar Series Registrar |

To find out more information about upcoming trainings and access materials from previously held trainings, go to HUD Exchange Trainings.

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