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Incorporating CDBG-DR Funds into Consolidated Plans in the eCon Planning Suite

January 16, 2015 Print ShareThis

HUD regulations require that each grantee in receipt of a CDBG-DR allocation must include disaster-related needs and strategies into its next required consolidated plan. This means that by Fiscal Year 2015, all CDBG-DR grantees must have incorporated any unmet disaster-related needs and associated priorities as part of their consolidated plan update. In order to assist grantees in meeting this requirement, HUD is providing step-by-step instructions: Consolidated Plan Updates to Reflect Disaster Recovery Needs and Associated Priorities.

When the organization administering the CDBG-DR award is a different entity or agency from that which administers the applicable State's or entitlement's annual CDBG program, these entities should coordinate to ensure that the grantee updates its consolidated plan according to these instructions. Additional resources on the eCon Plan Suite can also be found on the Consolidated Plan page.

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