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Important Updates on Home Counselor Online and CounselorMax

August 26, 2019 Print ShareThis

Home Counselor Online's (HCO) retirement date is now extended to October 31, 2019. There will be no extension past October 2019.

It is urgent that HCO users who have not indicated a transition plan and replacement system reach out to Fannie Mae as soon as possible to discuss this. Fannie Mae wants to ensure that your agency’s HCO data is accessible after the transition.

Dear Housing Counseling Partner,
We are pleased to provide important updates on the retirement of Home Counselor Online (HCO):

  • The HCO retirement date is being extended to October 31, 2019.
  • HCO data will be available for download starting May 1, 2019.
  • Data will be downloaded directly to Launchpad for agencies that have chosen that Client Management System (CMS) option.
  • It is urgent that all HCO agencies select a CMS system to replace HCO and begin transition planning immediately.

Retirement Timeline

If you have not done so already, we urge all HCO users to select a CMS system to replace HCO and to begin the transition process as soon as possible. As we have shared with counseling agencies since February 2018 HCO is at the end of its lifespan and can no longer be supported. While we remain on schedule to deliver your HCO data, so you may migrate to a new CMS, a number of counseling agencies have reported that their transition process was more time-consuming and complex than anticipated. In response to those concerns, we have arranged to extend the retirement date to enable users to access HCO through October 31, 2019. This will provide agencies with additional time to transition to Launchpad or another CMS of their choice.

Again, do not delay in making this transition. HCO will not be available after October 31, 2019.

Data Access

Beginning May 1, all HCO users will be able to download a complete export of their HCO data going back to January 1, 2015. This includes all client data, case notes and attachments and all submitted 9902 reports. The download can only be accessed by a user with administrator access to HCO. Once you have downloaded the data package, you will be able to open a viewer that enables you to see all of your data in a web browser. The data can then be archived, maintained locally for reference or imported to another CMS system. Download instructions will be posted in HCO. 

Transition to Launchpad

Important: If you are transitioning to Launchpad, the Launchpad team will coordinate the import of your data directly to your instance of Launchpad. Make sure you are engaged with the Launchpad team to complete onboarding and data migration as soon as possible. They indicate that they are working to have all interested HCO agencies onboard and ready no later than July 31, 2019. We highly recommend that you download your data as described above for archive and backup purposes, but no additional action will be needed to get your HCO data into Launchpad.

We hope that these steps will help to facilitate a smooth transition and support housing counseling agencies’ continuing ability to serve their clients. For further questions about HCO retirement visit the Home Counselor Online page or email

For all assistance with Launchpad, please contact:

Update on HCO and CounselorMax

On August 8, 2019 NeighborWorks America announced that NeighborWorks Compass, a new CMS, will be available in Spring of 2020. NeighborWorks America also announced that they had entered into a letter of intent to acquire the programming code and transition the customers of Launchpad from Housing Partnership Network (HPN). NeighborWorks Compass will replace CounselorMax AND transition all Launchpad CMS users to its platform beginning in the Spring of 2020. NeighborWorks Compass will be available to all housing counseling agencies. Visit NeighborWorks America for more information.  

NeighborWorks America’s announcement does not delay HCO’s October 31, 2019 retirement. Fannie Mae is encouraging housing counseling agencies utilizing HCO to transition to a new system no later than October 1, 2019.  In order to complete the transition in time, Fannie Mae recommends that agencies make a decision on a new CMS provider no later than September 3, 2019. 

If your agency has used HCO in the past, contact Fannie Mae to get a download of your historic data prior to October 1, 2019. HPN is providing assistance to agencies transitioning to Launchpad, but agencies are free to transition to any compliant CMS. For more information about HCO’s retirement and resources to help with the transition, visit the HCO page or email

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