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Important Notice for All Consolidated Plan Grantees: Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and IDIS

August 20, 2012 Print ShareThis

As of November 15, 2012, all grantees that have a Consolidated Plan due after this date are required to use IDIS to submit their multi-year strategy. This requirement is outlined in the Consolidated Plan Notice, CPD-12-009, which is available on the Consolidated Plan website. Grantees with an approved multi-year Consolidated Plan are not required to use IDIS to submit their Annual Action Plan until their next multi-year strategy is due.
As a reminder, grantees that do not have a multi-year Consolidated Plan due have the option to use the template in IDIS for a Standalone Annual Action Plan without re-submitting their entire Consolidated Plan. The Standalone Annual Action Plan template allows grantees to use IDIS to submit an Annual Action Plan before their next multi-year Consolidated Plan is required to be submitted in the system. Once grantees have submitted a Plan in IDIS, all subsequent plans, amendments and CAPERs must be submitted in the system. Grantees cannot use IDIS to submit a CAPER until an Annual Action Plan or multi-year Consolidated Plan accompanied by an Annual Action Plan has been submitted in the system. Annual Action Plans that have already been submitted and approved in paper form cannot be re-submitted in IDIS.
For more information about how to use the templates in IDIS see the Desk Guide for Using IDIS and the recorded webinars on the OneCPD Resource Exchange.

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