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Important Links from HUD’s Rural Gateway Peer-to-Peer Conference Call on October 11, 2012

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On October 11, 2012, the Office of Rural Housing and Economic Development (RHED) held a Peer-to-Peer Conference Call titled “Housing and Transportation In Rural America: A Discussion of Best Practices,” during which rural community leaders shared their knowledge of successfully implementing housing and transportation activities that have expanded and created opportunities for those living in Rural America. Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions about best practices, discuss the challenges of improving housing, transportation and economic development activities within rural communities, and establish contacts for future reference.

Below is a list of important links that provide resources about the types of housing, transportation and economic development activities implemented in Rural America.

Partnership for Sustainable Communities:

Department of Housing and Urban Development:

Sustainable Communities Resource Center – Rural section:

Environmental Protection Agency:

Department of Transportation:

Randolph County Housing Authority, WV:

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