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HUD's Office of Housing Counseling eLOCCS Reminder

February 05, 2019 Print ShareThis

This is a reminder to all eLOCCS users and Approving Officials to access eLOCCS every 90 days in order to keep the below systems active:

  • Secure Systems access
  • eLOCCS access

After successfully signing in to Secure Systems, click on the eLOCCS link from the Main Menu.

If there are any issues with your eLOCCS access, eLOCCS will provide additional information regarding the issue and what to do. For instance, if it’s been more than 90 days since a user last accessed eLOCCS, eLOCCS will prompt the user to answer one of the personal security questions.

Please reach out to your HUD Point of Contact (POC) with any questions or concerns, or send an email to

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