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HUD's Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Toolkit and Webinar Series

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Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Toolkit

Utility benchmarking is a fundamental asset management practice, consisting of tracking, analyzing, and reporting the utility consumption and costs associated with a property or portfolio of properties. It allows multifamily property owners, as well as associated funding providers and governing agencies, to gain insight into the energy and water performance of properties, the potential for improvement in those properties, changes in performance over time, and the effectiveness of investments made to improve performance.

The Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to utility benchmarking for the multifamily sector and is organized into three sections:

  1. Benchmarking 101
  2. Utility Benchmarking Step-by-Step
  3. Policies and Programs

It also includes links to key resources and requirements, tools and reports, case studies, and FAQs.

Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Webinar Series

This webinar series will guide participants through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) new multifamily utility benchmarking guidance, including the new HUD Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Website and Toolkit. The goal of this series is for attendees to become familiar with the specific guidance and tools HUD has developed to help facilitate, encourage, and streamline the benchmarking of energy and water performance at multifamily properties. Attendees are encouraged to register for and attend all six sessions. Recordings will be made available for those who are not able to attend.

Who Should Attend?

The Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Webinar Series is intended for any multifamily housing provider seeking guidance on benchmarking the energy and water performance of their properties over time. Registration will close one hour before the class start time.

Schedule of Training Deliveries

Webinar Title

Date and Time


Introduction to MF Utility Benchmarking and HUD's New Toolkit

April 13, 2017
2-3 PM EDT

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Creating a Plan and Managing Data for MF Utility Benchmarking

April 20, 2017
2-3 PM EDT

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Collecting the Data for Utility Benchmarking of MF Properties

April 27, 2017
2-3 PM EDT

Registration Closed

Using Software and Entering Data for MF Utility Benchmarking

May 4, 2017
2-3 PM EDT

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Sharing MF Utility Benchmarking Results and Building on Success

May 11, 2017
2-3 PM EDT

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MF Utility Benchmarking Requirements and Funding Opportunities

June 1, 2017
2-3 PM EDT

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Training Series Point of Contact

Multifamily Utility Benchmarking Webinar Series Registrar |

To find out more information about upcoming trainings and access materials from previously held trainings, go to HUD Exchange Trainings.

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