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HUD Solar RFP Toolkit for Multifamily Housing Providers

May 15, 2017 Print ShareThis

The HUD Solar Request for Proposals (RFP) Toolkit provides affordable multi-family housing providers that are procuring on-site solar electricity with practical guidance on the RFP process. While many possible situations exist, the Toolkit focuses on the most common affordable housing provider needs including:

  • Single property solar photovoltaic systems (PV) array to meet common area needs
  • Multiple properties in a local region with needs for solar PV arrays at each property
  • Many properties nationally with an overall need for a solar PV development partner

The Toolkit includes a fully customizable Solar RFP Template. This RFP Template has been created using HUD-specific experience combined with industry best practices for solar project procurement in the housing and commercial sectors. The Template allows users to customize each section of the template to meet their organization's solar development needs and procurement preferences. The other documents in the Toolkit include the following to provide additional guidance and direction of the development and issuance of a RFP:

  • Solar Toolkit Introduction - Learn how and when this RFP Toolkit might be used, familiarize yourself with a typical procurement process, learn how to use the Toolkit and its various parts, and browse a glossary of common terms
  • Solar RFP Template Instructions - This guidance document is organized in the same order and structure as the RFP Template. It explains the purpose of each section and provides tips on how you can customize the template to meet your organization's needs
  • Sample Solar RFP - Review a version of the RFP Template that has been completed using a hypothetical organization as a reference to accompany the RFP Template
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