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HUD Releases Research and Webcast on the Effects of Housing and Neighborhood on Children

November 26, 2014 Print ShareThis

HUD has released a research publication and webcast which focus on why housing matters for youth and provide evidence that a range of outcomes in children are closely aligned with housing and neighborhood quality

Evidence Matters Research Publication - Fall 2014 Edition

Evidence Matters is a quarterly publication that demonstrates HUD's commitment to evidence-based policymaking by presenting objective, data-driven analysis of major housing and community development issues.

In the Fall 2014 edition of Evidence Matters, the lead article, "Housing's and Neighborhoods' Role in Shaping Children's Future," discusses the effect of housing and neighborhood quality on physical health, behavioral and emotional welfare, school achievement, and economic opportunity, among other topics. The Research Spotlight piece, "How Housing Mobility Affects Education Outcomes for Low-Income Children," details research on the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Making Connections initiative and analyzes important findings on mobility and educational attainment. Finally, the In Practice article, "Protecting Children from Unhealthy Homes and Housing Instability," examines the work of organizations that promote housing quality and reduce youth homelessness.

View the Evidence Matters Research Publication - Fall 2014 Edition.

Effects of Housing and Neighborhood on Children Webcast

On October 23, 2014, HUD hosted an event focusing on the effects of housing and neighborhood on children. The event featured the following speakers from organizations that work to promote housing quality and educational attainment:

  • Katherine O'Regan, Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy Development and Research, Moderator
  • Sandra Newman, Professor of Policy Studies at Johns Hopkins University
  • Lauren Smith, Senior Strategic Advisor at the National Institute for Children's Health Quality
  • Jean-Claude Brizard, President of the UpSpring Education Group

View the webcast of the Effects of Housing and Neighborhood event.

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