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HUD Publishes Section 106 Disaster Recovery Agreement Database for CDBG-DR

June 27, 2016 Print ShareThis

This database provides a state-by-state list of current disaster recovery Programmatic Agreements (PA) to assist with Section 106 review under the National Historic Preservation Act for projects funded in the CDBG-DR program. HUD has been working closely with FEMA to promote the FEMA Prototype PA, which includes a provision for other federal agencies (HUD Responsible Entities) to sign on and adopt the PA and utilize the same review procedures for their disaster programs (CDBG-DR). This list includes which states have a FEMA Prototype Programmatic Agreement in place, which states and local governments have executed a HUD addendum to the FEMA Prototype PA or other CDBG-DR PA, and any state specific protocols, and/or guidance issued to support historic preservation and disaster recovery in the state. For more information on how a state or local government can sign on to a FEMA PA and use it to expedite Section 106 reviews of CDBG-DR projects, please contact Ashley Bechtold at 202-402-6298, or Nancy Boone at 202-402-5718,

View the Section 106 Disaster Recovery Agreement Database.

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