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HUD Publishes HTF FAQ Regarding How and When States Should Designate the HTF Administering Agency

February 13, 2015 Print ShareThis

HUD has issued a frequently asked question (FAQ) regarding the Housing Trust Fund (HTF). HUD will announce new HTF FAQs via the HUD Exchange mailing list, and post them to the HTF resource page.


When must a State notify HUD which agency will administer its Housing Trust Funds (HTF) and how does a State designate the State agency or State-Designated Entity to administer the HTF program?

Updated: February 13, 2015


Per 24 CFR 93.100, each State is required to notify (the Secretary of) HUD of its intent to become a grantee for HTF funding within 30 days after HUD publishes the formula allocation amounts (these amounts are expected to be published by April 2016). The notification letter must also inform HUD of the name and contact information of State department/agency or State-Designated Entity (SDE) that will administer its HTF funds. At the State level, selection of a State agency or designation of a SDE to administer its HTF funds will typically be made by the Governor or State Legislature in accordance with State law. The definition of a SDE for HTF can be found at 24 CFR 93.2. If a State designates a SDE to administer its HTF funds, a copy of the designation must be included in this transmittal.

States are encouraged to designate the State department/agency or SDE that will administer its HTF funds early in order to facilitate receipt of guidance and training from HUD timely. Therefore, States may submit the above referenced notification letter any time prior to the deadline.

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