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HUD Launches NEW HRE Learning Management System

October 02, 2012 Print ShareThis

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HUD has launched the HUD HRE Learning Management System (LMS), which contains previously recorded Ready, SET, Go! webinars and self-paced training sessions. It will include all future Ready, SET, Go! webinars.

What Are the Benefits of Registering for the HUD HRE Learning Management System (LMS) ?
Once registered for the LMS, you can currently:

  • Register for upcoming Ready, Set, Go! webinars.
  • Organize and track what courses a user is scheduled to take.
  • Mark courses as complete and get credit (see below).
  • View a transcript of all completed courses.
  • Access all past Ready, Set, Go! webinars and self-paced training in one central location.

In the future, this list may grow to include the ability to:

  • Complete new self-paced training sessions.
  • Register for in-person training sessions.

What is HUD’s HRE Learning Management System?
The HRE LMS is an online platform that allows users to document, track, and receive credit for trainings. Through the Learning Management System, HUD will conduct knowledge checks and collect feedback on individual courses to improve recipient knowledge through training opportunities. 

What Does “Getting Credit” Mean?
By marking a course as complete, a user is indicating to HUD in good faith that they attended an online training or webinar that they had registered for. The user is then able to track and manage those trainings the user has completed and it will appear on the user’s transcript. Future trainings may also require pre-requisites where course completion will be required to take additional courses. 

How to Register and View Available Course Selection
Registration for the HRE LMS is easy. Follow the instructions outlined in the HRE Learning Management System Registration and Login User Guide. Once you have successfully registered for the Learning Management System, you can take advantage of the benefits outlined above by following the instructions outlined in the HRE Learning Management System Finding, Enrolling, Taking, & Completing a Course User Guide, which is available in the FAQ section of the Learning Management System.

Looking Ahead
The content available in the HRE LMS will continue to grow as more webinars occur and additional training courses are developed. Once you have registered, please visit frequently to view newly added courses.

Questions or Feedback
If you have any questions regarding the new HRE Learning Management System, please review the user guides that provide in-depth guidance about LMS access and navigation. If the user guides do not address your question or if you would like to provide feedback regarding the HRE LMS, please submit a question to the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk.