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HUD Issues Guidance on the Procurement of Developers and Subrecipients

June 12, 2012 Print ShareThis

This guidance supplements the NSP Policy Alert Guidance on Developers, Subrecipients, and Contractors, updated November 16, 2011, and expands on information from the NSP Policy Alert Guidance on NSP-Eligible Acquisition & Rehabilitation Activities, published December 11, 2009. NSP grantees may work with developers, subrecipients, contractors, or any combination of these entities to implement their programs. However, different HUD and OMB rules apply to these entities depending on the specific situation.

The November 2011 guidance defines the three entities, responds to common questions regarding developer fees, and lists administrative implications by entity type. The December 2009 guidance includes definitions of third party entities, how these are selected and implications of their designation as developers or subrecipients. This alert serves to clarify the guidelines grantees can use to designate an entity as a subrecipient or developer and the procurement requirements for NSP grantees, subrecipients, and developers. Click here to view the guidance.

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