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HUD Issues Guidance on NSP National Objectives, Uses, and Activities

August 20, 2012 Print ShareThis

HUD has issued guidance on understanding NSP National objectives, uses, and activities. Practitioners implementing NSP understand the five eligible uses described in HERA, but there is often confusion around how to demonstrate that each activity meets a national objective. This guidance includes a National Objectives Chart that provides a quick reference for grantees and other NSP affiliates to navigate the most common eligible activities and national objectives. It takes viewers through each of the five eligible uses and describes what actions qualify as an eligible activity and what steps must be taken to meet a national objective. NSP grantees must meet one of two CDBG National Objectives—Low, Moderate, and Middle Income Housing (LMMH) or Low, Moderate, and Middle Income Area (LMMA). If an activity is completed that does not meet a national objective, the chart indicates what additional actions are needed.
View the guidance and a PDF version of the National Objectives Chart.
View an Excel version of the National Objectives Chart.

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