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HUD Housing Counselor Certification Highlights

August 06, 2019 Print ShareThis

The HUD housing counselor certification deadline is August 1, 2020. Don’t delay, certify today!

HUD published the Housing Counseling New Certification Requirements Final Rule on December 14, 2016. The final rule implements statutory requirements that take effect August 1, 2020. As of that date, all housing counselors must be HUD certified in order to provide housing counseling for a HUD participating agency. Only those staff who have achieved the professional milestone of HUD certified housing counselor will be able to provide housing counseling or oversee group education sessions.

Tracking Housing Counselor Certification Program Progress

Did you know that HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling has a dedicated certification progress tracking page that shows progress in HUD’s housing counselor certification program?

The page features a graphic showing the percentage of housing counseling agencies with at least one certified housing counselor. Each month, there are highlights provided on the top 10 states with certified housing counselors and other facts and resources. For example, which state just got its first HUD certified housing counselor in June 2019? Visit Tracking Progress to find out.

Housing Counselor Certification Success Stories and Best Practices

Are you trying to find fresh and engaging ideas to add to your housing counselor certification toolbox? The HUD Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) has a new HUD Exchange webpage on Housing Counselor Certification Success Stories and Best Practices including:

  • A sample HUD certification timeline
  • Video presentations
  • Amazing success stories
  • Best practices from the housing counseling industry

Do you have your own certification tools or want to share your success story? Email to share.

Housing Counselor Certification Resources

If you agency participating in the HUD Housing Counseling Program does not have a HUD certified housing counselor, do you have a plan for meeting the final rule by August 1, 2020?

  • If you are an agency executive, are you aware of your counseling staff’s engagement in the certification process?
  • Have you championed the need for your counselors to become certified and spoken of the value HUD Housing Counselor certification brings to the agency?
  • Are you aware of the commitment and time required for counselors to study, attend trainings, take and pass the exam and complete the necessary steps in FHA Connection (FHAC)?

Check out these resources available to provide information on the certification process:

Learn more about housing counselor certification by visiting the HUD Exchange Certification page. If you have any questions, please contact your HUD Point of Contact or email:

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