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HUD Housing Counseling Certification Practice Exam and Form HUD-9902 Reporting Schedule Reminder

July 06, 2017 Print ShareThis

HUD Housing Counselor Certification Practice Exam Now Available

HUD's Office of Housing Counseling announces today the availability of the Housing Counselor Certification practice examination in English and Spanish. To access the practice examination, housing counselors must create a user account at: There is no cost to take this practice exam and it can be taken multiple times. Users will receive an email outlining topics to study based on the results of the practice exam. HUD strongly recommends individuals study recommended topic areas before taking the Housing counselor Certification Test beginning on August 01, 2017. HUD also plans to publish the Spanish Study Guide on August 01, 2017. If you have any technical issues creating a user account or taking the practice examination, please visit Support or contact Bixal during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm, excluding federal holidays) at: 800-448-7149.

Reminder on Form HUD-9902 Reporting Schedule for Housing Counseling Agencies:

HUD-approved housing counseling agencies (HCAs) are reminded of their responsibility to transmit accurate and timely Form HUD-9902 quarterly reports.

When 100% of HCAs submit their reports on time, The HUD Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) can work with complete datasets. HCAs Form HUD-9902 quarterly reports are a keystone in HUD’s Housing Counseling program. OHC uses the data for a variety of purposes. Form HUD-9902 quarterly reports quantify HUD's Housing Counseling Program. This data is included in reports to Congress that help substantiate HUD's annual request for Housing Counseling grant funds. Form HUD-9902 data helps identify housing counseling trends and client demographics and helps HUD assess the impact of services offered by HCAs.


1st Qtr. October 1st - December 31st Due no later than January 31st. Include all clients served in quarter 1.
2nd Qtr. October 1st - March 31th Due no later than April 30th. Please include all clients reported in the quarter 1 report plus new clients served in quarter 2.
3rd Qtr. October 1st - June 30th Due no later than July 30th. Please include all clients reported in the quarter 2 report plus new clients served in quarter 3.
4th Qtr. October 1st - September 30th Due no later than December 31st. Final 9902 includes complete year of client data including new clients served the 4th quarter.


Tips to assist your agency with timely Form HUD-9902 report submission:

HUD recommends counseling agencies transmit early the quarterly Form HUD-9902 data through their Client Management System (CMS). This will ensure that the HUD Point of Contact (POC) has time to review the data and validate the report. If there are any errors, then there is still time to correct the data by the due date. Submission delays due to system technical difficulties are more likely to be avoided when transmitting Form HUD-9902 early. If transmission problems are encountered, please contact your HUD POC immediately.

Please be aware that HCAs who do not transmit their Form HUD-9902 report by the due date may jeopardize their agency's status as a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency. If your agency is a HUD housing counseling grantee, late reporting may affect timely processing of your agency's grant voucher by HUD.

For more information on Form HUD-9902 reporting requirements, please review HUD's 9902 Desk Guide. Please do not reply to this email for assistance, please contact your HUD POC for additional technical assistance or email

Thank you for your continued participation in HUD's Housing Counseling Program.

HUD OHC Listserv Bulk Subscriptions

Some housing counselors have asked, "How do I sign up my entire agency staff for HUD Office of Housing Counseling (HUD-OHC) mailing list updates?" It is easy... Just list your staff email addresses like this:
You can send in one email address or your entire agency. Then email your list to HUD's OHC. If you have a housing counseling industry friend who you want to subscribe to this mailing list, provide the instructions for subscribing or forward them this email.

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