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HUD Announces New Series of Problem Solving Clinics

April 18, 2012 Print ShareThis

HUD is pleased to announce a new series of problem solving clinics on the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) which will take place April through July 2012. These intensive clinics will feature one-on-one appointments with HUD staff and expert technical assistance providers, as well as workshops and policy updates.

These regionally-focused clinics are targeted towards new NSP3 grantees, as well as existing NSP1 and NSP2 grantees. Some of the one-on-one appointments and workshop topics may include: NSP program requirements and rules, NSP3 program design, DRGR, land banks, environmental review, resale/recapture, disposition strategies, program income, and others! Don't miss this opportunity to getyour community's NSP questions answered and share lessons learned with other grantees.
  • To view the draft agenda, click here.
  • To view descriptions of workshop and one-on-one consultation topics, click here.
Each Problem Solving Clinic will be a two-day event offered at each location below:
Registration Link
Detroit, MI
July 10-11 Register Now
Registration for the clinics is free and the clinics are open to all NSP grantees and their partners. Please note that travel expenses are an eligible NSP administrative expense for grantees and subrecipients. Grantees can bring up to 10 individuals of their choosing, which may include staff, subrecipients, developers, lenders and other partners. Grantees may choose to attend any clinic but are encouraged to attend the clinic closest to their region, as the discussions and experts will be tailored to the local needs and market.
Please check the NSP Resource Exchange for updates on the clinics, including availability of registration for all clinics.
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