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HPRP Closeout Update: Clarification on Closeout Process and Post-Expiration Draws

September 04, 2012 Print ShareThis

HUD has received questions about the closeout process and the HPRP Closeout Notice, so this message is intended to provide clarity.

  1. Please note that grantees are expected to initiate the closeout process by emailing HUD at This is the first step in the closeout process. Grantees should NOT complete the Grant Closeout Form in Appendix A of the Notice. That form is to be completed by HUD and then given to the grantee for signature once it is determined that the grant is ready to be closed out.
  2. Grantees should NOT initiate grant closeout until ALL draws have been made and ALL reports have been completed and submitted in e-snaps and Grantees should refer to the detailed information on the HRE about completing the reporting requirement for HPRP.
  3. The deadline to expend HPRP funds is NOT September 30, 2012. Grantees must expend funds or incur costs for all HPRP funds by the 3-year expiration date. This is three years from the date HUD signed the HPRP grant agreement. In addition, grantees have 90 days from their 3-year grant expiration date to complete all draws for HPRP. The draws must be for costs incurred prior to the expiration date. Please note that IDIS will be locked once the 90-day post expiration period has passed and grantees will not be able to draw funds after this date.
  4. Grantees that have funds remaining in their HPRP account in LOCCS/IDIS (that will NOT be drawn) do not need to do anything. This amount will be included on the Grant Closeout Certification and will be recaptured by HUD.
  5. Grantees that have HPRP funds remaining in their local accounts (not LOCCS/IDIS) MUST return those funds to HUD prior to the end of the 90-day post expiration period. The funds must be back in their HPRP account in LOCCS to be recaptured by HUD. Details on how to return funds to HUD (both via check and wire transfer) are included in Appendix C of the HPRP Closeout Notice.

Special message for grantees that have not drawn 100 percent of their HPRP funds by the 3-year expiration date:
As each grantee’s 3-year expiration deadline passes, HUD will send a letter to the Authorized Official if the grantee is not 100 percent drawn as of the 3-year date. Grantees drawing funds from IDIS during the 90-day post-expiration period will be asked to provide details on each draw for HUD to review. Details on how to provide this information will be included in the letter. Upon review of the information provided by the grantee, HUD may ask for further documentation to provide evidence that the draws were made for costs incurred prior to the 3-year expiration date. Any costs determined ineligible must be repaid to HUD.
Please submit all questions related to HPRP to the HUD Virtual Help Desk. Make sure you select “HPRP” as the “Program/System”.

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