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HOPWA Consolidated APR/CAPER e-Tutorial: New Annual Reporting Overview

October 06, 2022 Print ShareThis

The HOPWA Annual Performance Reports (APR)/Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Reports (CAPER) e-Tutorial: New Annual Reporting Overview is now posted for all Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) grantees. This e-Tutorial is the first in a series that walks HOPWA grantees and project sponsors through the completion and submission of the new Excel-based HOPWA Consolidated APR/CAPER annual performance report. This specific e-Tutorial covers:

  • General format of the annual report
  • Submission and review process of the annual report
  • Grantee responsibilities throughout the process
  • Similarities and differences between this annual report and prior HOPWA reporting forms (HUD forms 40110-D and 40110-C).

View HOPWA Consolidated APR/CAPER e-Tutorial

Additional e-Tutorials

Additional e-Tutorials will be released throughout Fall, 2022. They will be announced via the HUD Exchange Mailing List and posted on the HOPWA New Consolidated APR/CAPER Resource page. Additional e-Tutorial videos will cover:

  • How to complete each tab of the grantee workbook (the Grantee Performance Report)
  • How to complete each tab of the project sponsor workbook (the Provider Performance Report)
  • Where to go for additional guidance and information on the HOPWA Consolidated APR/CAPER


The new Consolidated APR/CAPER annual reporting format goes into effect for HOPWA grantees with annual reports due to HUD on or after January 1, 2023. This report supersedes all previous HOPWA APR and CAPER forms.