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HEROS 11.19.1 Release Notification

March 25, 2020 Print ShareThis

The HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS) emergency release to correct the issue with posting Environmental Review Records (ERR) on the HUD Exchange is now live. HEROS users may now successfully post reviews to the HUD Exchange during the public comment period and archive the review. If you do post the review during the public comment period, please continue to reference the Environmental Review Records page on the HUD Exchange for posting reviews in your public notice.

The new HEROS release also updated the Explosive and Flammable Hazards Part 51 Compliance screen to reflect the regulation change that went into effect on February 24, 2020. HEROS users no longer need to the use the workaround for that screen that was previously sent out and posted. Thank you for your patience while these corrections were implemented.

For questions related to the 11.19.1 release or any other HEROS issues, please submit a question to the Ask A Question pool on the HUD Exchange.

For information regarding processing the Request for Release of Funds (RROF) and the public comment period during the National Emergency concerning COVID-19, please see the Office of Environment and Energy (OEE) Guidance in Response to COVID-19 section on the Environmental Review page on the HUD Exchange.

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