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Update on HEROS System

September 25, 2019 Print ShareThis

As you may know, some HEROS users have been experiencing problems uploading and downloading documents in the system. Our contractors are aware of this issue and have implemented a fix to correct the file upload issue for new files that are uploaded to the system. You may continue to experience issues downloading files that were previously uploaded without being saved to the server.

While they work to identify these files, the contractors recommend that files be uploaded using Internet Explorer only. Once the file is uploaded:

  • Save that screen, navigate away from the screen, and return to confirm that the file upload saved to the server.
  • Download the file and make sure it opens (this will prevent download issues later on).
  • If the file does not open, delete the file, navigate away from the screen, and try again.
  • Ensure your uploaded file names do NOT contain any special characters (commas, quotations, periods other than the file extension, apostrophes, ampersands, etc.) as they cause additional problems with the review and posting.

Please report continuing upload and download issues to the HEROS team ( If possible, note the server name on the top righthand corner of the screen (1338 or 1339) for troubleshooting. At this time, we do not have a timeline for when this issue will be resolved.

If you continue to experience file upload and download issues, you may proceed with time sensitive reviews outside the system and update the HEROS documentation as necessary once a system fix has been implemented. For system issues outside the ones listed above, please submit a comment or question to Ask A Question (AAQ) by selecting My question is related to HEROS. We apologize for the ongoing issues and hope to resolve the problems as soon as possible.

The HEROS Team

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