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FY2012 CoC Registration Notice Posted: e-snaps is Now Open

August 31, 2012 Print ShareThis

The FY2012 CoC Program Registration Notice is posted on HUD’s Homelessness Resource Exchange (HRE) and the FY2012 CoC Registration is live in e-snaps

HUD strongly encourages all CoC stakeholders, including the CoC lead agency, Collaborative Applicants, Project Applicants and Project Sub-recipients, to read the FY2012 Registration Notice in its entirety, paying special attention to Section IV. FY2012 HEARTH Highlights. Collaborative Applicants should carefully review Section III. Completing the Registration Process of the Notice and the CoC Registration training module on the HUD HRE before starting the FY2012 CoC Registration process in e-snaps. The training module will be available on or after September 6, 2012.

The FY2012 CoC Registration webcast will be posted on the HUD HRE on or after September 11, 2012.  

Important Notes

  • CoCs failing to submit a FY2012 CoC registration by 7:59:59PM EST on October 1, 2012 will NOT have access to CoC Consolidated Application and will NOT be able to apply for FY2012 CoC funding.
  • This CoC registration process is not for project applicants. The Project Application will be available with the publication of the FY2012 CoC NOFA expected in mid- to late-October.
  • Each CoC must include ALL eligible renewal grants in FY2012 GIWs. Grants expiring in calendar year 2013 are eligible for renewal and must be included on the GIWs. If the CoC is unsure if a grant should be added to the GIW, the CoC lead should contact the local HUD field office.
  • CoC mergers must be approved by HUD Headquarters before the FY2012 CoC Registration closes.   

Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW)

HUD strongly suggests that CoCs submit the GIW to the appropriate HUD CPD Field Office by Friday, September 7, 2012 for final review to ensure that the Field Office and CoC have ample time to discuss any changes before the Registration submission deadline. 

The final HUD-approved GIWs, as received from the field office, must be submitted in e-snaps by the CoC.  All GIW questions should be directed to the local HUD field office.

CoCs without renewal projects should attach a blank GIW stating No Renewals in the “Comments” column.

Contact the local HUD field office if a blank GIW is needed.
Additional Resources

  • View Adding and Deleting Users in e-snaps -- explains how the CoC registrant/primary contact can authorize other individuals to view the CoC application and delete registered users who should no longer have access to the CoC application.

All technical questions must be submitted to the “e-snaps CoC Competition” program/system on the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk.  Program policy questions should be submitted under “CoC Program” on the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk.

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