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FY2012 CoC Program Competition Debriefing Webcast Now Available

August 27, 2013 Print ShareThis

The FY2012 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition Debriefing webcast is now available. The webcast summarizes the results of the FY2012 competition, including information on the areas CoCs generally did or did not perform well, and provides a list of resources for CoCs to use in the next competition. A brief summary of what to expect in the FY2013 CoC Program Competition is also addressed in the webcast.  

To view the webcast, please visit the Webcasts page on HUD's website.

Please note that your CoC should receive its debriefing summary from the local HUD CPD Field Office no later than COB, Wednesday, August 28, 2013. This document contains the CoC’s score and other competition-related information. 

If you are the CoC primary point of contact and have not received the Debriefing Summary by Thursday, August 29th, please contact your HUD field office representative.