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FY 2021 CoC Program Competition Now Open

August 18, 2021 Print ShareThis

The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition has been posted on and will be available on the Funding Opportunities page later today.

Availability in e-snaps

The CoC Application, CoC Priority Listing, and Project Applications will be available in e-snaps no later than Thursday, August 19, 2021. Collaborative Applicants and project applicants will be able to access the applications to review, update, and enter required information for the application process.

Resources are available on the CoC Program Competition page and the HUD Exchange e-snaps Resources page.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST

Collaborative Applicants

  • The CoC Application and CoC Priority Listing, which include all project applications that will be submitted to HUD, are separate submissions in e-snaps. Collaborative Applicants must submit both parts of the CoC Consolidated Application by the application submission deadline for HUD to consider the CoC Consolidated Application to be complete.
  • There are six Project Listings in the CoC Priority Listing; however, only the New and Renewal Project Listings require unique rank numbers. The remaining four Project Listings only require Collaborative Applicants to accept or reject project applications.
  • The CoC Competition Report that includes data reported in the Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) is available for use by Collaborative Applicants to complete portions of the FY 2021 CoC Application.

Project Applicants

  • Project applicants renewing projects can choose to import information from the project’s FY 2019 renewal project application. This option is not available for projects renewing in e-snaps for the first time. Importing must occur during the funding opportunity registration step in e-snaps and is only available if you submitted a renewal project application in the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition. Imported responses must be carefully reviewed to ensure accuracy.
  • Project applicants renewing a project for the first time in e-snaps will not be able to import information from a previous application. These applicants must complete the entire renewal project application. This situation includes projects that renewed for the first time and were awarded renewal funds under the FY 2020 CoC Program Non-Competitive Funding Notice.
  • New project applications must be completed in full and in accordance with the new project application components permitted in this year’s Competition.
  • Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) replacement project applications must be completed in full and in accordance with the YHDP replacement project application process outlined in the NOFO.
  • CoC planning and Unified Funding Agency (UFA) Costs applications will only be reviewed if submitted by the CoC’s designated Collaborative Applicant identified in the CoC Applicant Profile in e-snaps.
  • Dedicated Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) projects (renewal and new) can only be submitted by the CoC’s designated HMIS Lead as identified in the CoC Applicant Profile in e-snaps.


New resources will be posted on the CoC Program Competition page between today, August 18, 2021 and Monday, August 23, 2021, including:

  • FY 2021 CoC Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) Report
  • Detailed instructions for the CoC Application, CoC Priority Listing, and all Project Application types
  • Navigational guides for the New, Renewal, CoC Planning, and UFA Costs Project Applications, as well as the CoC Priority Listing

Additional guidance will be posted to the CoC Program Competition page within the next two weeks.

Resources currently available on the HUD Exchange e-snaps Resources page include:


Questions about the CoC Program Competition must be submitted to the appropriate email address, as follows:

  • for questions about the NOFO, competition, and applications.
  • for questions about e-snaps technical issues, including creating an individual user profile, lockouts/password resets, requesting access to a CoC’s or project applicant’s e-snaps account, navigating e-snaps, updating the Applicant Profile, identifying the funding opportunity, creating a project, and accessing the application on the Submissions screen.

Do not submit competition questions or questions about e-snaps to the CoC Program Ask A Question (AAQ) help desk or the e-snaps AAQ help desk.

Note: Questions about policy and program implementation should continue to be submitted to the HUD Exchange AAQ portal. In Step 2 of the question submission process, select “CoC Program” from the “My question is related to” drop down list.

SNAPS Mailing List Subscription

SNAPS is now using two different listservs to communicate competition and program updates:

SNAPS grantees and interested stakeholders should consider subscribing both to the HUD Exchange mailing list and mailing lists. Please communicate this information to your homeless organizations, local government contacts, and other interested stakeholders.

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