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Materials Posted: ESG-CV Q2 Reporting Office Hours – March 24 and March 25, 2021

March 29, 2021 Print ShareThis

In April, Emergency Solutions Grants Cares Act (ESG-CV) recipients will begin to prepare their ESG-CV Q2 reports for submission to HUD by April 30, 2021. As we approach the next round of reporting, HUD provided Office Hours for recipients that focused on updates to Sage and how to ensure your report will not be rejected during review. HUD also shared information on commonly asked questions and answered questions from session participants.

There were two Office Hours sessions, one focused on city and county recipients and the second focused on state and territory recipients. The content of both sessions was the same, however the questions were answered uniquely for each group.

Session Date Materials
City/County Recipients: ESG-CV Q2 Reporting Office Hours Wednesday, March 24, 2021 View Materials
State/Territory Recipients: ESG-CV Q2 Reporting Office Hours Thursday, March 25, 2021 View Materials

View the recordings and slides from previous ESG-CV Reporting Trainings and Office Hours.


If you have any questions about these office hours sessions, please contact Micah Webster at

If you have questions about the ESG-CV Quarterly Report, please submit them through the HUD Exchange Ask A Question (AAQ) portal. In Step 2 of the question submission process, select “Sage” in the “My question is related to” dropdown.

Visit the SNAPS Disease Risks and Homelessness page for a full list of COVID-19 infectious disease prevention and response resources.

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