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New Environmental Assessment eGuide, Resources, and Case Study Now Available

October 22, 2021 Print ShareThis

New resources have been developed to help responsible entities, recipients, applicants, and partners prepare their environmental assessments. These resources provide guidance on the factors that should be considered before a project begins and explain how to assess the environmental impact from and on the project. Learn more about these resources.

Responsible entities, recipients, applicants, and partners are required to conduct an environmental review before beginning a HUD-funded project. The environmental assessment is one of the five levels of environmental reviews listed in 24 CFR Part 58 and 24 CFR Part 50; this level of review, prepared under the National Environmental Policy Act, is typically required when a proposed project has activities such as new construction or a change in land use. Environmental assessments are essential in determining how a project may affect the environment and how the environment may affect the project.

Environmental Assessment: Factors and Categories eGuide

This guide includes best practices for conducting an environmental assessment and provides helpful guidance on the four categories of an environmental assessment:

  • Land Development
  • Socioeconomic
  • Community Facilities and Services
  • Natural Features

Under each category, the eGuide describes how a project can affect or is affected by various factors, such as water availability or noise levels.

The e-Guide will be updated later this year with forthcoming guidance on climate resilience strategies.

View the eGuide

Environmental Assessment: Online Resources

Responsible entities, recipients, applicants, and partners can use these resources to identify environmental issues and statutory compliance responsibilities, organize environmental studies and data, assess the different categories of review, and explore mitigation options before a project begins.

View the Online Resources

Environmental Assessment: Factors Case Study

This case study demonstrates how an environmental assessment should consider the different factors and categories that may be affected.

View the Case Study

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