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Draft Radon Policy for Environmental Review – HUD Seeking Public Comment – Deadline April 14, 2023

February 15, 2023 Print ShareThis

HUD recently published a Draft Departmental Radon Policy, Departmental Policy for Addressing Radon in the Environmental Review Process. The draft policy proposes clarification that radon as a radioactive substance must be considered in the contamination analysis for the environmental review of proposed HUD-assisted projects.

HUD is seeking public comment from all interested parties on the draft policy on or before April 14, 2023. Please refer to the details outlined in the Federal Register for guidance on submitting comments by this deadline.

This draft policy:

  • Clarifies that radon must be considered in the contamination analysis for HUD environmental reviews conducted under 24 CFR Parts 50 or 58
  • Provides guidance on recommended best practices for considering radon
  • Identifies the HUD programs that have established specific radon guidance

The policy would apply to projects that require an environmental review at the level of Categorically Excluded Subject to 50.4 or 58.5 (“CEST”), Environmental Assessment, or Environmental Impact Statement; and involve structures that are occupied or are intended to be occupied at least four hours a day. This policy would standardize the need to consider radon during environmental reviews, while allowing flexibility in how radon can be considered in the environmental review record. It would not require testing for radon but does provide guidance on strategies for considering radon in the site contamination analysis.

Training and Resources

Radon related resources, tools, and training will continue to be posted on the HUD Exchange Radon page as they become available.

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