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CPD Launches Financial Management Curriculum

October 29, 2014 Print ShareThis

CPD has launched an online curriculum, including a video, dynamic presentation and self-paced training module, designed to help customers understand Federal financial requirements, create an effective system for managing Federal funds, and improve program performance.

Access the Financial Management Curriculum.

HUD recommends users complete the curriculum in the following order:

  1. Introduction to Financial Management Video.This video highlights the importance of sound financial management.
  2. Good Financial Management: A Well Oiled Machine.This prezi introduces the core concepts of financial management and shows the connections between topics.
  3. Get in Gear: Core Components of Sound Financial Management.This self-paced module provides a solid foundation in financial management on seven interrelated topics:
    • Federal Cost Principles
    • Budgeting
    • Procurement
    • Internal Controls
    • Accounting and Records
    • Reporting
    • Audits
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