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Coming Soon: OneCPD Learn and Training & Events

February 20, 2013 Print ShareThis

HUD is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of both OneCPD Learn and Training & Events on the OneCPD Resource Exchange. These components will provide an easy way for users to find, enroll, take, and complete trainings across CPD.
What is OneCPD Learn?
OneCPD Learn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be used to administer, document, and track training. Most CPD programs will now manage their trainings through OneCPD Learn and will give users the ability to:

  • Register for upcoming CPD trainings (both in-person and webinars)

  • Add completed trainings to a personal transcript

What is OneCPD Training & Events?
OneCPD Training & Events is a section of the OneCPD Resource Exchange containing:

  • Course Catalog: Features a listing of previously-held and upcoming trainings that can be easily filtered by programs, reporting systems, cross cutting requirements, program managements, or activities. Users will be able to view training materials and access OneCPD Learn from the catalog.

  • Calendar: Displays HUD-sponsored in-person and webinar trainings chronologically, as well as non-HUD events that may be applicable to grantees of CPD programs. Users will be able to access OneCPD Learn from the calendar.

User Profile
In order to access OneCPD Learn and to register for training, users will have to create or upgrade a OneCPD account. This account will allow users to register for multiple trainings without having to re-enter personal information for each one! More information on creating and upgrading an existing account will be sent via the OneCPD Mailing List at a later date.
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