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FY 2019 CoC Program Expedited COVID-19 Amendments Now Available

August 10, 2020 Print ShareThis

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) has determined that an expedited process is necessary for amending CoC Program recipient grant agreements.

In addition to the already available FY 2018 CoC grant agreement amendment request packages, the FY 2019 CoC grant agreement amendment request packages are now available on the HUD Exchange. Please note that recipients requesting FY 2019 grant agreement amendments may not request a grant extension at this time.

The FY 2019 amendment request packages include the entirety of the FY 2019 awards for each CoC, including those for renewal, new, CoC Planning, and other projects that do not currently have executed grant agreements. Recipients that do not have an executed grant agreement need to work with their Field Offices to execute the grant agreement, and then an expedited grant agreement amendment can be processed.

Recipients who need grant agreement amendments to provide housing, services, or other necessities to support eligible clients can submit an amendment request to HUD. Recipients must remember to maintain documentation in their project files indicating the need for the requested change.

To facilitate this process HUD has created the CoC Program Expedited COVID-19 Grant Agreement Amendments page on the HUD Exchange that addresses:

  • Eligible amendments
  • Changes and funding requests
  • Requesting an expedited grant agreement amendment

View the Expedited COVID-19 Grant Agreement Amendments Instructions and Request Forms

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