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Changes to the HOPWA Pathway in IDIS to Support GBA Compliance for HOPWA Formula Grantees

October 04, 2017 Print ShareThis

On October 9, 2017, updates to the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) HOPWA funding screens will “go live” as a part of IDIS Release 11.15. These updates will prevent HOPWA formula grantees from making incorrect draws based on the HOPWA Grant Based Accounting (GBA) rules for IDIS. These rules require each HOPWA formula allocation to be spent through a separate set of HOPWA Projects and Activities in IDIS. HOPWA IDIS Activities should not be funded by more than one allocation. The system will now require HOPWA formula grantees to fund and draw against Activities using grant year funds matching the Program Year of the Project associated to the Activity.

These updates to the IDIS screens will make it easier for grantees to ensure HOPWA IDIS Activities are being funded by the correct funding source in accordance with GBA.

The new Activity Funding screens will only display the appropriate funding source grantees should use to fund each activity. Grantees with incorrect draws will have an opportunity to correct those draws, however the system will prevent future errors.

If you have questions about these changes please submit a question to the HOPWA Ask a Question (AAQ) helpdesk.